Thursday, May 15, 2014

Missed Encounters: Lorquian Theater in the US

Federico García Lorca, one of most notable European poets and playwrights of the twentieth century, has had a strong presence in North American letters beginning in the 1930s (Mayhew, Apocryphal Lorca). His influence, however, is far stronger on poetry than on the theater. Lorca’s plays have certainly been translated, published, and brought to the stage in the US. What is missing is the deeper level of engagement that poets have brought to Lorca’s work in their translations, creative adaptations, and apocryphal fabrications. My own neglect of Lorca’s theater in my previous work on this topic results from my sense that I didn’t have a story to tell about Lorca’s practically non-existent influence on American dramatists. But perhaps there is an interesting story in what did not occur...

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