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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shape Shifting

I'm having problems with an article / chapter that keeps wanting to shift shapes on me. The same material could take several forms; I can include or leave out Lorca and/or Lezama Lima. It will have four lives:

A seminar paper (already given)
A talk at CUNY in March
An article for Modernist Cultures
A chapter in my book.

I've decided to write the article first (the most urgent) but write is as though it were also the chapter on Zambrano. The only difference will be some material on Lorca that's in the article but not the chapter. The talk in CUNY will be next.

My plan to write a chapter a month will be fulfilled, since I'll have the Zambrano chapter done at the same time as the article version of that. Then, in March, I can do a stealth attack on another chapter. Maybe Claudio Rodríguez?

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Jonathan said...

Or maybe I should finally just write that chapter on Lorca's duende I have been threatening to write for so long.