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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm a little worn out. I've accomplished quite a bit this academic year and I have a few weeks of the semester left to teach still. I was enormously productive, making substantial progress on my book. I've taught, blogged, started the Writing Group, invited speakers to campus and picked them up at the airport, gone to New York. I still have two articles to finish by June, and I still want to write during the summer so as not to lose momentum.


brownstudy said...

You've talked about time management quite a bit and giving oneself permission to rest when progress has been measurable, but another way to think about it (from the book "The Power of Full Engagement") is as energy management. You can have plenty of time, but no energy. With all your commitments, do you have time built-in to just sit and wool-gather?

One of my advisors said that we're like rubber bands--if the band has been stretched for a time it needs to be relaxed for a comparable amount of time, otherwise the strain will snap it.

Jonathan said...

Yes, I agree completely. Time is a funny thing, because it is not all created equal. One hour between 8 and 9 can be tremendously productive, whereas one hour between 3 and 4 might not be. (a.m.) Give me a few good hours and I can do wonders. Vacations are also necessary for the same reason.