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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Writing it Down

So I am half-way through writing down three of my four songs. It is arduous--writing a measure of music might take me an hour or so. The music notation software is cumbersome, and I am clumsy with the mouse and not a particularly adept musician for that matter. What the MIDI file plays back to me is not what I intended to write, so I have to do it over again and again.

Yet this is the most fun I've had in a while.

What I can play more or less fluently on the keyboard takes me much longer to get right on th page. Then, of course, I can always improve on it. I can make the piano chords richer and more complex, and change the rhythms up to make them less boring and predictable.


What does it mean to write our prose down? The software is less cumbersome. We still must obey conventions, and know how to write in sentences and paragraphs. Writing a sentence should not take an hour.

Yet the precision of the notation must still be there. The attention to detail.


My four songs:

1. This is pick-up line song. Let's get together. With a jaunty rhythm.

2. This one is a let's live our life together song. We've already fallen in love, but haven't made the commitment. A beautiful melody.

3. The third one is a reconnecting song. We've loved each other in the past and will continue to do so. Another pleasing melody.

4. The last one is a break-up song: our love has taken its course and is no longer. The melody is catchy despite the negativity.

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Phaedrus said...

Reading these posts gives me real joy. What a wonderful new recreation and art for you.