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Friday, February 2, 2018


Today my goal is to think of 5 ideas about "vernacular" musical approaches to Lorca. That is the best word I can think of so far for what I am trying to get at in one of the major sections of the book. So far I have a chapter planned as an intro, in which I discuss axes of contrast (vocal / instrumental // classical / vernacular etc...) along with a musicological rant.  Then a chapter on Lorca "himself," so to speak. Not his "knowledge of music" but a deeper reading. Then a chapter on vernacular settings, and then a chapter on "art" settings.  Then an epilogue. This might work.  My Feb. research goal is to have the book thought out more or less, with five ideas for each part, and have an NEH proposal by April.

I worry because I hate dilettantism. If I include musical examples (scores) in the book then anybody's not a musicologist eyes will glaze over. Plus I can't really do that kind of analysis anyway and I am writing for people in my own field.  I've thought of doing an edited collection but I think I can do this project better than anyone else from the Lorquismo perspective, at least.

Also, what happens to Lorca III which is well on its way to being written as well.  I have to reorganize my whole life in order to write even more than I am. At least the music will not suffer.

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