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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kramer's dojo (ii)

When I was first entering the field I thought it was mediocre. I saw established people giving plot summaries in conferences. I had internalized a certain standard by working at Stanford and through my own reading, and I did not find that standard at work in the field I was going to enter. I'm sure that arrogant attitude cost me some potential friends. I knew that I didn't know everything; in fact, I knew I had a lot left to learn, but I also knew it would be pretty easy for me to get a foothold in the field without knowing all that much yet.

I always wanted to set a standard for my field. I just wish I had known how to do it as a younger person without all that arrogance, without the Kramer's dojo syndrome.

I'm still trying to shed some arrogance and anger.

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