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Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Was Lorca a Poetic Thinker?


profacero said...

We get RQ electronically 1 year late but down the road they'll have the current issue in person (I mean, on paper, I think of that as "in person") now.

I'm assuming the answer is in the text but: I hadn't realized those FGL lectures weren't considered central theoretical type texts, they seem pretty much fundamental - but I gather from the abstract that this is not majority view?

Jonathan said...

I know, my university does the same with this journal: full content after a year.

It's a good question you pose. I think they are considered foundational in the US, but not in Spain. Even among Lorca scholars, they are considered crucial to understandig Lorca, but not as foundational texts of a construct of Spanish poetic theory. I hope I am not arguing against a straw man.

profacero said...

AHA, US, I see. I am perhaps eccentric since I don't have time to keep up on scholarship about this matter. But I always teach these pieces in those intro to criticism and because they address so many general issues. A person who knows enough to understand and use the Gongora one plus the duende one knows a lot, I think.