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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vanity Metrics

Just when I said I wouldn't be following my vanity metrics, I realized I was creating my own profile in google scholar. You can consult it it you want, by googling my name and going to google scholar. It might be better termed a humility metric, because I don't have nearly the numbers of citations I would need to justify my enormous ego.

I have 50 followers for Bemsha Swing and 49 for SMT. This means that SMT will soon overtake BS as my more popular blog, since a while back I had many more followers there than here.

1 comment:

Clarissa said...

I also decided to stop wasting time on vanity metrics after I read that post of yours where you suggested it. And then I noticed that while I was making that decision and planning a post I was going to write about it, I kept pressing the Refresh button on my blog's Stats page.

And that was the end of that good intention. ;-)