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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good news

SLU drops "controversial post-tenure review proposal


profacero said...

Dieu merci.

I mean, thank God.

(Side note: I have to practice speaking English all the time now because I am on a university committee whose chair does not understand any Latin abbreviations, like i.e., e.g., et al., inter alia, etc. It all started out with my using n.b. and cf. in e-mail and I got admonished to speak English. I have *never* had this problem with anyone else before, everyone in arts & sciences uses these, is it normal not to know them???)

Jonathan said...

Does s/he know "etcetera" or "ad nauseum"? No, it doesn't seem normal to me, but then again I am over 50 and have studied Latin.