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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Work Log

Here's what I've been doing in the month since I turned 54. I've decided to keep a log to keep track of what I am working on. I'm not teaching right now.

I reviewed two article manuscripts, read a dissertation and participated in the defense, finished a talk I'm giving next month, and did my university senate duties.

Monday, Aug. 25:

re-viewed article for [redacted]
read MGP dissertation

Tuesday, Aug. 26:

MGP defense
Social media meeting
looked at Spain flights

Wed., Aug. 27:

Lorca keynote

Thursday, Aug. 28

Lorca keynote
meeting with provost
reservations for Spain

Friday, Aug. 29

Lorca keynote
wrote email to [redacted]

Sat. Aug. 30

Lorca keynote

Mon, Sept. 1

Lorca keynote

Tues. Sept 2

Lorca keynote
SenEx meeting

Wed. Sept 3

Lorca keynote
meeting with vice-provost for diversity
reviewed issues related to faculty code

Thurs. Sept 4

meeting about faculty code
graded ma exam

Friday, Sept 5

Lorca keynote
email on social media

Tuesday, Sept. 9

FacEx meeting
Lorca keynote
arrangements for Higuchi re-imbursement

Wed. Sept. 10

Lorca keynote
looked at chapters 1-3 of Lorca book

Thursday, Sept. 11

Faculty and university senate meetings (prep for meetings)
Look at “Queering Lorca” / other chapters to assesss progress
Lorca keynote (finished first draft)

Tuesday, Sept. 16

Looked at keynote
Held SENEX meeting

Wed. Sept 17

Social media
queering Lorca

Monday, Sept 22

Interview with UDK
ACLA Lorca ideas / brainstorming

Tuesday, Sept. 23

SenEx meeting
read and reviewed article to review for [redacted]
ACLA Lorca ideas / brainstorming

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