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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Areas of reception for Lorca

Poetry & Poetics

Drama / stagings [stagings of Lorca plays / plays about Lorca // inspired by Lorca]

The Novel [there isn't very much Lorquian novel that I know about]

Filmography, including filmography of the plays

Music & Dance

Museums & Touristic Spaces / Lorquian kitsch [including a refrigerator magnet I bought yesterday]

Photography & Other Visual Arts

Memoirs & Biographies / Historical Documentation

Political Discourse

Literary Hermeneutics & Scholarship, including the scholarship about all the categories listed above

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el curioso impertinente said...

Some novels: El ingenioso hidalgo García Lorca asciende a los infiernos; La luz prodigiosa. I'm sure there are more...