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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lorquian Self-Fashioning

There. That's a title I could use. I don't know quite all it entails yet. I guess the question is how Lorca becomes Lorca, how he forms himself, his Bildung. I propose to study this not as biography (though that enters too) but as poetic self-shaping. It is a miracle, of a sort. How he became as good as he was in a very short space of time.


profacero said...

Here is a piece I just found and skimmed. Anales de la literatura española contemporánea, Vol. 33, No. 2, El Teatro de Federico García Lorca en la Construccíon de la Identidad Colectiva Española (2008)
contains: Estereotipos que se resisten a morir: El andalucismo de "Bodas de sangre"
Jesús Torrecilla
pp. 229-249 (21 pages)

Andalusian self-fashioning. It is interesting because I have just decided I am tired of andalucismo. One of my students says forget the rest of it, teach Poeta en NY as first taste of Lorca, see what people will do then. I am interested.

profacero said...

There is an old video, one from Films for the Humanities, on life of Lorca with lots of people interviewed, I gave it to the library and should perhaps have kept (although I can check it out), in it there is a peasant from family's lands interviewed who says that since FGL was a small boy everyone knew "que estaba estudiando para poeta."