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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Running (2)

A friend died today. More about him later when I have time to collect my thoughts.

I went to the gym to run. I did a 10k around the track in 1:15. It seemed the best therapy.

I did a 10k easily in 1:30 last week, walking the whole way, so I figured I could beat that by running a bit and walking at about 4mph the rest of the time. To beat my time of 1:15 I must simply run more and walk less.

I was hot, my legs felt heavy at the end, but I was not bored or strained in heart or lungs in the least. My motivation flagged about half way through, but I recovered from that and finished the last 2 miles and a quarter running. Since I know I can run 3.12 miles (a 5k) then I can string together at least that much. My medium-term goal should be a 30 minute 5k and an hour and 5 minute 10k.

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