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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Finding out you're wrong

A had some hypotheses about Flamenco versions of Lorca that turned out to be wrong. I had thought that Flamenco singing of Lorca would have the effect of emphasizing his connection with Flamenco, but what I actually found when I started to submerge myself in the material was something more interesting than that. If you always found what you expected to, scholarship would be very dull.


I'm doing a new thing with the chapter, dividing the month into three parts. The first ten days I take notes in fountain pen and sometimes on the blog itself. The next ten days I will work on a word document and get part of a draft written. The last third of the month I will perfect that part of the draft that I have written. It might not be the whole chapter, but the idea is to spend a month getting a substantial part of one chapter done.


I was looking at the CD I bought of La leyenda del tiempo. All of a sudden I saw that there was another cd in the case! Well, it wasn't a CD, but a DVD of the documentary.  My presupposition that I had bought just a CD made me not even look for this extra bonus, which I found purely by accident when I needed to look something up in the liner notes.  I felt stupid and lucky at the same time.

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