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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reconciling spurts with the long haul

Like a lot of people, I am prone to spurts of energy and productivity--hours or days or weeks or months where I get a lot accomplished in comparison to the normal level of work. The secret of productivity, however, is in the long haul. If you depend only on the spurts, then you will never put together enough productive time to really get things accomplished. It's more than this: the organization of time over the long haul is what makes the spurts more likely to occur and hence more frequent. You can't just wait around until you feel a spurt coming along. It will arise naturally out of the course of a well-organized design of time.

They say "el vago trabaja doble." The lazy person works double, because doing things in a lazy way actually multiplies work by increasing the mental clutter. Waiting around for the time when you'll be hyper efficient and get everything done in a flash makes things more difficult.

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