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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tabatha's Salon Invasion

There's this rather stupid reality show in which an Australian woman takes over a hair salon run, usually, by unintelligent-seeming and barely competent Americans, and attempts to set things aright. I think this show is stupid, though, in the way that Stupid Motivational Tricks is stupid. In other words, there's an intelligence running underneath it all. What I like is that she looks at everything, from the furniture to hygiene to the quality of the work itself. Though I have no interest at all in hair cutting, I find I take away quite a bit from this absolutely inane program. Every detail is important. There is a total system that makes good work possible, and the quality of the work must be judged in the context of how, when, and where it takes place.

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Clarissa said...

I watch this show, too. :-) And for the same reason. I like seeing efficiency and hard work transform seemingly hopeless places.