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Monday, June 3, 2013

Out of the Advice Business

For various reasons I'll explain later. I don't want to give any more public advice right now. I will glad to work with anyone who wants me to read their work. I can do substantive intellectual critiques, read for style, or help guide the organization of larger projects. I'll continue to talk about my own efforts to perfect my writing and get rid of pesky sign-posting.

At some point I'll come back and reflect on some of these issues and reframe my "advice" in a different way. I'm not ready to do this right now, though.


Mary said...

Good luck then.

- http://www.enlightenmentgateway

Thomas said...

I'm looking forward to hearing why. My thoughts (and David Foster Wallace's) here .

Clarissa said...

Your advice has been wonderful and life-changing. If you ever decide to reconsider, I will be very happy. :-)