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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Ok. Now the ideas are flowing out. I now only have to write one chapter, "Queering Lorca," and complete footnotes and bibliography for two more. There's an epilogue, I guess.

All the blog readers that comment regularly here are in the acknowledgments. Andrew, Thomas, Leslie, Olga, Vance. Prepare to be thanked.


Andrew Shields said...

I'm bracing myself! How striking to be acknowledged in a book about a poet I know little about who wrote in a language I do not speak. (The little I know, I know through you.)

clarissasblog.com said...

Curiously, you are also appearing in the acknowledgments of my book. :-)

I now have gotten into the habit of telling people in a mysterious voice, "Prepare to be featured in my book." They get really scared. :-) And then are visibly revealed when I say that I only mean the acknowledgments. :-)