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Friday, March 7, 2014

Why I am Not a Social Scientist

I am not a social scientist, I am a humanist.
Why? Well, sometimes I think it would be cool
to be a social scientist, but I am not.
I was talking to my friend
Thomas, the other day. He
told me a sociologist wanted
to forget about his paper the moment
it was published. I would love
to have people take my
work apart and cite the hell
out of me, but they don't (always).

This guy
thought it was a burden on
"young scholars" to have to
answer questions about their methodology
or results. Someone suggested that
"maybe they shouldn't cite you
either after six months either" and
this was taken as horribly sarcastic.
Well, yes! That's why I'm not
a social scientist, I guess.

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