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Monday, March 24, 2014

Things to Do in 15 Minutes

Suppose you only have fifteen minutes to work on your project today?

1. Go through your bibliography and see if there are incomplete entries. Mark them with an *. Correct any typos you see.

2. Order a book you've been meaning to order from interlibrary loan.

3. Order some books from the library to be picked up later at circulation desk.

4. Make a list of tasks you can accomplish when you have more than 15 minutes.


Andrew Shields said...

The overall point being that there is always something to do, and some of the things you need to do don't take very long.

Jonathan said...

Yes. And I also ordered two book from amazon I needed for my research.

Anonymous said...

All the way home from New Orleans yesterday I discussed how to get things done with my colleague.

She said something interesting: she finds research draining. I thought: wow! How wildly different! Then I thought: bingo. What you find draining should perhaps be a barometer for what you should be doing, or not.