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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Stylistic exercise

We made out, then made love.

We kissed and later screwed.

We stood under the mistletoe before going upstairs to shag.

Your lipstick get smeared, then we played hump the hostess.

You stuck your tongue down my throat; I slowly entered you.

After snogging for a time, we slipped between the sheets.

I explored one orifice, then another.

We parked under the moonlight... That night we went all the way.

It was more than just a peck, and I could tell you were in the mood for some hanky-panky.

You showed me what you could do with your lips, then showed me how good you were in the sack.

I was surprised when you frenched me, and more so when you took me to your bed to fuck my brains out.

You said you didn't bite, but you nibbled my lips and then bit my ear as we had intercourse.

Our mouths met and things progressed from there until we were having sexual relations.

We taught each other some oral techniques, as prelude to the dirty deed.

Necking for a while, I started to give it to you on the couch.

I reached first base, and second, and third. I scored.

I drank you in, the evening we slept together.

That day we read no more...

#%@%#,: @&*(.


Anonymous said...

I think the quality of the lines varies, but the whole is good. Is this a complete collage, i.e. are all the lines taken from other texts?

Jonathan said...

The quality varies? They should all be bad if I'm doing it right. It is not a collage but simply the product of my own perverted imagination. I guess I could have done it as a collage too. It isn't even a good homage to queaunou.

Anonymous said...

"That day we read no more" is Dante. I am quite sure a few others are in comic books and things like that. Queneau, which Queneau, I am so poorly read?

There is something about the progression, the way in which it is put together, that makes it good in a meta-way. I don't have time to articulate it, am also trying to resist reading all the reviews of one of our students' band, so as to go grade papers, but might catch up on the rest of your recent blogging first

Anonymous said...

P.S. OK I may begin to see what it is. Every single line is bad, yes. But at the same time some of them are really really standard (e.g. we kissed and later screwed -- who has not said that, like we went into the kitchen and made coffee) or really really hackneyed -- and in this 50s sort of way, I still can't put my finger on it

Jonathan said...

Yes. That's the idea of it. The Dante of course is a collage element. If everyone understood what I was doing as quickly as you do I would be a very famous writer. Raymond queneau wrote the same scene in multiple styles and called it exercises in style. My styles here are much morerandom

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, exercises de style. I don't know that what you are doing is so hard to see, if you are a person who likes to think about style.

Leslie said...

Here is one from the current age: "Netflix and chill" ... We watched Netflix and chilled. (That day we watched Netflix no more."