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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Vocabulary Lesson

Loom, on which the cloth is woven
Loom--hovering above

Mewl, cry of a cat or bird
Mule, offspring of horse and ass

Moat, circular castle ditch
Mote, tiny speck or flaw

Rhyme, a word echoing another
Rime, crystalline frost

Vice, a sordid habit
Vise, metal tool that grips

No, a negation
Noh, theater of the Japanese
Know, the root of knowledge
No, abbreviation for number
No, symbol for Nobelium...

These are just few of the words you learn to distinguish
that look or sound the same with different meanings.
Our language is tricky, you see, not straightforward.
In such ambiguities there are many lessons for poets

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