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Monday, August 12, 2013

Back: The Seventh Thing

I'm back from Barcelona and ready to work full time on teaching, research, service, and blogging.

I have this idea that I should do seven things almost every day.

Work on research
" " teaching
" " service
Play drums, or sing, or dance
Do some kind of cleaning, organization, etc..
Do "the seventh thing."

The seventh thing would be listening to music purposefully (not just as background while I work). Going to a movie or poetry reading. Anything that's not randomly checking comments on Crooked Timber or Language Log, or looking at Facebook. I still have this problem with the dead time that's not work.

1 comment:

Andrew Shields said...

My seven things:

1. Write (ideally, poems)
2. Translate
3. University work
4. Exercise
5. Sitting (meditation)
6. Play guitar / mandolin
7. "Seventh thing"