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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black Fire

I am starting on a series of posts on the best jazz albums I have in my possession, using my itunes library as a guide. I am going alphabetically by first name of artist and title of album. My only choice will be whether to include an album or no, and will be arbitrary. I won't skip over a masterpiece, but might be selective with artists of whom I have more than five albums.

Andrew Hill's Black Fire came out in 1964, with Richard Davis (b), Joe Henderson (ts), Roy Haynes (d). The tunes are all (or mostly) by pianist, composer Hill. I love the sound of Blue Note jazz from this period. My itunes tells me I have played each of these songs many times, though often I have done so as background while working.

This is an album you could listen to just to hear Roy Haynes's drums, if you were so inclined.

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Andrew Shields said...

Never got to see Andrew Hill, but man did he make good music! I have his "Beautiful Day" and it's beautiful.

I saw Richard Davis live once, with John Carter, Bobby Bradford, and Andrew Cyrille. Davis was absolutely brilliant.

I saw Joe H twice, both times with a VERY young Larry Grenadier on bass.

Maybe I'll get to see Roy Haynes someday still, but I did see his son (Graham Haynes) and his grandson (Marcus Gilmore, Graham's nephew) a few weeks ago in Willisau. A great quartet set that sounded a lot like "Bitches Brew."