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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Torres vs. Torre

 There was a mini-controversy.  Lorca called Manuel Torre "Torres").  Torres is a common last name; Torre, in the singular, is a nickname, an artistic name. But, as Maurer points out, many people called him "Torres." That name appears on announcements, and so it was not Lorca alone who made that mistake. 

One person uses Lorca's mistake as a reason for arguing that Lorca was not that familiar with the flamenco world, in which Torre / Torres was well-known. But, since everyone else seemed to make that mistake, almost randomly, it not a good argument. Something I read today points out at "Torres" / "Torre" are pronounced almost the same in some Andalusian Spanish dialects. So you could hear someone say "Torre" and assume they were saying Torres but dropping the s.  This last person spent 3 pages on this, even though he admits that it is a trivial issue, and here I am blogging about it myself.   


People I know call anything right wing "Fascist." If it's not already fascist, it's leading there, or it's fascist-adjacent. But then the word just comes to mean right wing generally.  It has no more information to it any more. Is modern rightwingism bad because it is bad in an of itself, as I believe, or because it might lead us to some 1920s version of rightwingism? Maybe think about what's happening now? The label has no analytic content; it is just being used for its stigma.    

Tuesday, July 5, 2022


 Tony Tost is poet I knew about back in the poetry blogging days. I probably haven't met him in person, though I think I saw him at the Austin AWP back in 06. I remember doing a review of Invisible Bride, an excellent book of prose poems?  Anyway, he did some writing for the tv show Longmire, so I have been following him a bit through that. Now I am watching his show Damnation, which is can get streaming in Spain (not in US). Tost produces what he calls "Noir Westerns." This show takes place in the 1930s, but has a Western feel to it. It is based on conflicts between Leftist union agitators, etc... and hired corporate goons in the depression era. It is very good, and I like hearing the poetry allusions.  (Wallace Stevens!).  

He had a tweet recently about wasting six years getting his English PhD when he could have been watching movies. 

Vuelva Ud mañana

 The typical thing in Spain where they tell you to "come back tomorrow." It is the topic of a famous essay by Larra in the 19th century.  A foreigner comes to Spain to do some business, and never gets anything done because they always put. him off the the next day.  

I went to the archive on Friday. I had to make an appointment, so I did make an appointment to come back on Monday, and the electricity was out on Monday, as well as today (Tuesday).  So it will be Wed. at the earliest.  I'm glad I scheduled a month here in Granada.  


So I have some time to blog. I was looking at some Wimbledon scores, so tennis news feeds showed up on my facebook. Now, tennis can be rather dull; they hit the ball back and forth till one player misses, and if you don't know the players or simply don't care, it can get tedious. I like it ok, enough to watch if Nadal is playing, but I noticed that the headlines in the news feed, especially from yahoo!, are consistently over-the-top histrionic. Everything is devastating, or an outrage, or an uproar. Apparently, the tennis world is a place where every minor event provokes an extreme reaction. Usually, it's just someone wearing the wrong color shirt, or suffering an injury. 

"Rafa Nadal leaves fans in disbelief with insane Wimbledon act." You click on this, and it turns out to be just a very good tennis shot.  But you have to click on this kind of headline because you wonder what could truly merit that kind of headline. 

"Tennis world goes bonkers over Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal photo."  This just turns out to be ... a photo of these two players that people happen to like.  

I find these headlines hilarious. Maybe because of the dullness of the sport itself, you can only get someone to read an article if you amplify its histrionic character.  Maybe that explains the appeal of Kyrgios, who makes every moment overdramatic.  


How to write about music

 I read parts of two books about jazz / Spain coincidentally, because of two requests that I received at the same time, one for a blurb, the other for a promotion review.  Of these, the one I found more convincing was the one that evinced a great depth of knowledge about the music itself. Both books deployed a lot of theory, in different ways, but in one case it was more abstract and less rooted in an actual understanding of jazz and how it works.  

Monday, July 4, 2022

Short fiction

 I got this idea for a story: a very small planet, the size of a very large city. The core of the planet would have to be very dense, to have enough gravity to make the residents keep their feet on the ground. You could walk in any of the four cardinal directions from your house and arrive at your house again in X number of hours.  I guess the metaphorical implications are obvious, the "small planet" and all.  You could also see it in Star Trek terms, where they always seems to land in the capital city of any given planet, and everyone speaks English. 

Sunday, July 3, 2022

My pronouns

At home alone I call myself me

not he or she

I, me, mine

will do just fine. 

Face to face, you can call me you

Coincidentally, that is your pronoun too!   

In English, that is how we address

a person in pants or a dress.  

When talking about me, and I'm not there,

I don't care, 

but you misnumber me, calling me they:  

I'm just one dude

not matter what they say--

not a multitude.