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Friday, November 25, 2022

What's wrong with this?

 ..." Brecht and García Lorca, for example, both of whom struggled against vicious political repression in the 1930s, in Germany and Spain respectively."

Monday, November 21, 2022

How do you pronounce?

 In French, you pronounce Paris "Pahrree," with a global French r.  In Spanish, you say "PahrEES."  In English, you pronounce it "Pay-riss." The idea that you should pronounce a foreign place name in the original language is pretty silly.  When speaking English, I say "muh-drid" or "suhville" or 'Gruh-nah-duh." So I'm not going to listen the New York times to figure out how to say "Qatar." 

Ironically, the more unfamiliar the place is, the more likely it is that someone will try to impose some authentic pronunciation.  Some words have standardized Anglicized (or Hispanized) versions, so we say "Cologne" instead of Köln, or "Londres" instead London.   

Saturday, November 19, 2022

the event


my part starts at 30 minutes in

Friday, November 18, 2022

voice over

 We read from our translation of Nonnus yesterday, at the local bookstore. The guy ahead of me was touted as a theater professor, playwright, voice actor, so I tried to outdo him in my reading of my section of the translation (He's a friend of mine, there was nothing malicious my attempt; I simply didn't want to be worse than the other readers). When I got up,  nailed it, pretty much, and got tons of positive feedback from the crowd afterwards. (The bookstore was packed with about 70 people.)  The voice actor friend told me I was good, and I said, that's a compliment, coming from a professional.  Then he said I could do it (voice-overs) which was nice. I accepted the compliment without either agreeing or disagreeing, but I was secretly pleased, though I have no desire to do this.  It's nice to be told you could. I've been self-conscious about my ability in this area. In other words, I think I'm good, but I could also be over-estimating my own ability.  I was once rejected by audio reader.  

The anti-racist letter for tenure

Please don't do this.  Don't write a letter for an aspirant for tenure stressing the themes of systemic racism, apologizing for their lack of quantity, etc... Do them the favor of evaluating them the way you would anyone else. That is actually the "anti-racist" tenure letter.  

the poetic function

 I heard a little kid at the ramen restaurant tell this joke to his parents:

"If there are "new-dles" there have to be "oldles."