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Friday, March 5, 2021


 Nothing much new ornithologically speaking at the wetlands, but I did see some muskrats mating in a pond.


I spilled some birdseeds on the balcony while filling my new bird feeder. The male and female cardinal came this morning and spent 5 minutes eating seeds from the floor--not from the feeder itself. 


Other birds have discovered the feeder. Junco and chickadee. Once a bird discovers it, it will likely come back, as the cardinal pair has several times. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021


 Some of the objection to Trumpism is aesthetic in nature. This is not a bad thing, because aesthetic failures sometimes give insight into moral ones. 

Short poem

 La medianoche se aproxima

y yo sin puta idea

Dream of Haydn

 We were singing something; I didn't know the words. When my turn came, I was singing in unison with a woman (an octave lower than her). I somehow thought she was my sister (pre-dementia).There were a lot of coloratura effects. By the end, there were five or six of us all singing and we came to a rousing conclusion.

When I woke up, I realized that the piece was the first movement of Haydn's trumpet concerto, which I know very well since my daughter is classical trumpet player, and it is the standard audition piece. That's probably why the words were fuzzy to me in the dream. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

More Blackbirds

 What I thought was a different species of bird sharing a tree with the red-winged blackbird is the female of the species, which is grayish and drab. There were an abundant number of them all together, making a lot of noise and other isolated ones elsewhere. They like heights. 


 I found another opera on Bodas de sangre, by Argentine composer. (Sigh). On the one hand, I need one more opera to make a chapter, on the other hand, it sounds kind of pedestrian at first listen. 


 I'd like to be in the acknowledgments of many people's books. Not just to see my name there, but to remember having helped someone. Sometimes it will just be thanks to an anonymous reviewer. It would be nice to think of peer review as giving assistance to the author, rather than merely exhausting gatekeeping. 

I don't remember anyone leaving me out of an acknowledgments page. People are good about this, generally. If someone doesn't thank anyone, I get suspicious. Either they never talk about their ideas with anyone, or they are ungrateful. Writing is a solitary activity, but it takes place in the context of intellectual exchange, what Creeley called the "company."