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Fees and Services

Stupid Motivational Tricks (free). I will provide Stupid Motivational Tricks to the public on my blog for no charge.

Peer Review ($75). I will act as a peer reviewer for your unpublished article or grant / fellowship proposal, giving you a full report (Humanities fields only).

Evaluation of the Scholarly Base ($150). I will help you make an inventory of your scholarly base and identify areas of weakness.

Prose X-Ray ($50). I will read three pages of your prose and tell you what you are doing wrong (Spanish or English).

Poetry manuscript($200). I will read your book of poetry and give you suggestions for writing less crappy poems.

Mentoring (variable price). I will design a mentoring plan for you for an agreed-upon price for a minimum of six months.

Time management ($100). I will show you how to schedule your time so you can get three times more done.

Editing. (Variable price). I will rewrite a text for you in a superior style.

Writing. (Variable price). I will write something for you, as long as this writing does not involve an act of academic dishonesty (or dishonesty of any kind).

Translation. (Variable price). I will translate a text for you into English from Spanish or French.

From Dissertation to Book. ($750). I will evaluate your completed dissertation and tell you how to make it into a monograph (selected Humanities fields.)

I will not:

Reformat a text to MLA or Chicago style, etc...

Contribute to any breach of academic integrity, whether directly or indirectly.

Charge for services to anyone associated with KU, as student, staff, or faculty.