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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Corridor

Imagine a long corridor with doors on each side. Maybe it is so long that you have never gone all the way to the end of it--if it really does have an end. You are a frequent visitor to the corridor, as are many others. Some of the doors are always open, some are always closed. Some might be closed but unlocked. Usually you only go into one or two contiguous rooms on one side or the other of the corridor, through doors that you know will be unlocked.

Now supposed someone asks you why you don't go through a particular door. You say, "I am not interested in that room," or "I used to go there a lot, but I fell out of the habit," or "I'm not welcome there." Maybe, "I didn't really even know that room was there; sure, I saw the door, but I never thought about it." "I never went that far down the corridor before." "I'm going to thoroughly know everything about my favorite room before I even think about opening another door." Sometimes a door will appear where there was none before, or you might be in one room and find a secret passage-way to another without going back to the corridor.

Maybe you can think about what rooms you go into and the reasons why you don't go into others.

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