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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

I'm on spring break now. I will seem to be working hard on this blog but actually I wrote this post, and the ones preceding and following it, the week before the break and scheduled them to be published this week. There's a lesson here for scholarly productivity, which is that you can seem to be working hard next year by working hard this year. The publications you are working on now won't come out for a while, so you could stop working for a year and still seem very busy, as long as you had a lot in the pipeline. It would be a while before anyone noticed you weren't working any more.

Some publications take more than a year to come out: I have four articles coming on in 2010 but none was written this year--not all were even written in 09.

Conversely, you can have years where nothing comes out, even while you have been working furiously.

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