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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Could I Write Faster?

Could I write faster than I do, produce more scholarship? Yes. Do I want to? No.

What I want to do at this point is write exactly how much I want to at all times, neither rushing myself nor erecting obstacles for myself. Certain things have to be written slowly (remember that slow for me might be fast for you!). I have to slow myself down as much as I have to speed myself up.

At some point I want to spend a year just reading, writing nothing except this blog. I think I have earned it at this point. Probably it will be after book #5 is turned in to the publisher. The problem is going to be the internalized pressure to produce and how to turn that off. We are judged on calendar-year publications. I can not worry about that by simply realizing that these judgments result in minuscule differences in raises. This year, for example, we had a raise of zero so not having published two books would not have diminished my raise at all. If I read for a year I could do it in an academic year and thus stagger the effects.

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