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Monday, June 21, 2010

Internalized Standard

If your internal standard for what's acceptable is higher than the external standard of the field, then rejection will not be an issue for you. You'll still get rejected once in a while, by highly prestigious journals, but your average article will be accepted on the first or second try. You can't eliminate arbitrariness or unfairness in the peer review process, but you can maximize your chances. Most peer reviewers want to accept a good article.

If you are particularly good in one aspect--organization, prose style, whatever--then you can take that off the table. For example, I can confidently say I have never had an article rejected because of the way in which it is written.

By having a higher internalized standard for your own work I mean simply being more rigorous with yourself than the average peer reviewer would be. Learn to be a good judge of your own work.

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