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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Road to 6,000 Words

6,000 is the magic number, because it's about 20 pages of text plus notes and bibliography. An article might end up having a little more, 7,500, or a dissertation chapter might have 12,000. Here is the "road to 6,000" in an article I have been writing. Notice there's a lot the first day; I'm not sure if I wrote that much the first day, or that was the first day I started keeping track.

March 15: 1.600 words.
March 16: 2.000
March 17: 2.300

May 12: 2.900
May 17: 3.100
May 24: 3.800
May 25: 4.400
May 26: 4.900
May 27: 5.200
May 29: 5.600
May 30: 6.100

I wasn't finished on May 30, because the article still required extensive rewriting and the conversion of rough notes into prose, but the article had taken shape more or less in about 11 days, in two separate months.

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