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Sunday, June 22, 2014


I deliberately didn't work at all on Saturday, and won't today either, but I had a very intense dream about working out some problems in my article / chapter. There was another American Lorxa play with a very strange title in two parts, that I can't remember anymore. After I woke up, I continued to lie there and work out actual problems on the chapter in my head, leaving behind the dream chapter. As I got into the shower I came up with the idea of Lorca as "patron saint of American theatrical postmodernism" or something like that.


I was in a car with a woman. We were making various stops in order to accomplish errands. She kept trying to start arguments with me but I refused, saying, "We are not a couple. You are trying to fight with me as though we were involved, but we aren't." It was odd, as though she were trying to establish a relationship in purely negative terms, asserting bickering rights that only come with a close emotional connection. (The woman in my dream was not even a real person that I can identify in real life.) Even in an actual relationship, I feel, some partners want to place negatives in the forefront at all time, keeping the involvement mostly at the level of problems. But you only want to work on problems if the relationship itself is something real and valuable.

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Anonymous said...

I get the most insight from the reconsidering dreams from the pov of the other character(s), on the theory that they are also me. But am stumped by this, a dream from yesterday that this post got me to remember:

I go to a medical appointment but the office building is now also the house where the MD lives. I take a wrong turn looking for office and come into the living room. It contains the guests. They are two couples, and appear to be two sets of identical twins who have made twin marriages. I apologize for the instrusion but cannot help mentioning this. They laugh and say yes, everyone thinks so. In fact the men are twins, but not technically identical, and the women are not twins at all, but only look similar, and I will be able to tell the difference if I look closely. I look again and see that in fact their faces are noticeably different.

I haven't the faintest idea what that means but when I woke up I said: "La una era la otra, y las dos eran ninguna."