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Thursday, February 23, 2017


So supposed you hired an architect to design your perfect office.  You could have a generous budget way, so you could have any kind of of windows, lighting, rugs, spatial disposition, you wanted.  Any kind of talismanic object and the best kind of desk and chair...

Now let's imagine you are the architect of your own week.  You need to have your "temporal office," which is much more important than your spatial one.  You don't have to hire anyone because you can realize it yourself at no extra cost.

You need to schedule in your sleep.  That's 56 of your 168 hours.  Let's give yourself 70 to account for the hour before and after you go to bed.  So you now have 98 hours to design.  It's a work week, say, so you need to work during some of that, but let's say you need to design that work time as carefully as the non-work time. You have a job with some autonomy so you don't have to do everything at one particular time.

Give yourself the imaginative freedom to design it how you like.  You can have a template that works for most weeks, or you can reimagine the week every week.  I never follow my own plans, so that's fine.  I think just imagining it in this way will be helpful.

Be sure to schedule the 5 hours of working on your most important project during this 98 hours.  It seems so obvious, but how many times have I, the time management expert, failed precisely by not doing so?  Duh...

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