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Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Course on Lorca

I'm designing a course on Lorca that will be "El mundo de Federico" or "Federico y su mundo."

The idea is to go from Lorca backwards, toward his sources, and forward, toward people he has influenced, as well as sideways, toward his own contemporaries.  We will need to read some Lorca texts along the way too!

 It will be for seniors, basically, it is our colloquium.  We have 15 weeks so here are the topics, leaving space for the last week and exams, etc...

1. The tradition of the popular song, using Frenk's Lírica española de tipo popular.

2. Flamenco, using FGL's essay on the Cante jondo, lyrics collected by Machado y Alvarez, and music by Falla. We'll take a side journey toward Debussy.

3. The ballads, using a standard anthology of 15th century ballads, read along with Romancero gitano.

4. Experimental theater, using Pirandello, Unamuno, and Comedia sin título.

5.  FGL and the visual arts. His ode to Dalí. His drawings.

6. Lorca and surrealism: his drawings; poetry of Neruda & Aleixandre.

7. Musical adaptations of Lorca: Classical

8.  Musical adaptation of Lorca: Flamenco & others.

9. Elegies for Lorca: Spanish

10. Elegies for Lorca: English and other languages

11. Stagings of Lorca: his plays

12. Plays about Lorca.

13. Duende poetics. Spicer, etc...

14. Translating Lorca.

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