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Friday, October 6, 2017

It's not plagiarism

... if my friend did it (or a powerful person I want to defend)

if the accuser is a jerk

if everyone does it anyway

if the source is wikipedia

if it was unintentional, inadvertent

if it only occurs x many times in a book of y pages

if the plagiarist doesn't do it all that often

if it wasn't the most important part of the argument: just "ancillary".

it is just the matter of missing quotation marks and references

if the plagiarist was in a hurry

if it's just "intertextuality"

it is "unoriginal genius"



Anonymous said...

Well, those are the excuses made for the students by the relevant committees, so ...

Clarissa said...

Or if "I did change it somewhat so it can't be plagiarism."