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Thursday, October 19, 2017


Poetry Foundation: 

Poet Stanley Plumly was born in Barnesville, Ohio, and grew up in the lumber and farming regions of Virginia and Ohio. His father was a lumberjack and welder who died at age fifty-six of a heart attack linked to his alcoholism. 


Stanley, Plumly, my poet-teacher, was born in Barnesville, OhioHis father was a lumberjack and and welder who died at age fifty-eight of alcoholism

Another probable source?  


Also, not a plagiarism, but really?  "Influenced by European poets like Lorca and Neruda..."  (p. 124).  


Clarissa said...

The European poet Neruda is really too much. I'm beginning to think that much of the book's writing farmed out to assistants.

Leslie said...

I am sure it was.