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Sunday, October 8, 2017

There's more...

On facebook, the reviewer who found the plagiarism, William Logan, told me, in a comment visible to hundreds (so I don't think it's wrong of me to cite it):

Thanks, Jonathan. I didn't include thefts from articles on Robinson (Wiki), E. E. Cummings (Poetry Foundation), and Claude McKay (Poetry Foundation), because they weren't as extensive or striking--and, well, more would have been beating a dead horse. I cut out the error on "Richard Cory" because the list was getting too long--but you convince me that it should go back in.


Thomas said...

I just noticed something.

Logan: 'Bialosky says that Plath’s “Nick and the Candlestick” ends, “The pain / You wake to is not yours.” Her statement lies just beneath the four stanzas that follow that line.'

So Bialosky thinks the poems ends fourteen lines before it really does. The person who was tasked with finding the poems and anthologizing them presumably didn't read her commentary to note the discrepancy. But where did Bialosky get the idea that the poem ends with those lines?

Perhaps from page 189 of David Holbrook's Sylvia Plath: Poetry and Existence, where the (very) casual reader could indeed get that impression.

Jonathan said...

Good catch. it does seem that the poems were added in later by someone else rather than by the author herself.