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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Encerrona (4)

I read an autobiography of a writer (Jim Harrison) who begins by saying he does an encerrona by checking into a motel.  (He doesn't use the word encerrona, of course.) That is one method. A writer's colony or retreat would be another. I think the spatial aspect is important: you need to get away in some way, or spend time in your office on the weekend when you normally wouldn't.  Something that marks the time / space as sanctified and devoted only to your work.

If you cannot generate 1,000 about your project in a morning's work, you probably don't have enough ideas, yet, to call it your next book project. This particular project snuck up on me, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, it's my turn now.  It had answers for all my doubts and snowballed so quickly that I was humbled (though I hate when people say they are humbled).  

I think now what I need to do is give more talks about it. I am available!


Leslie said...

Spatial aspect, yes.

I'm now in day 2 although this retreat is about going through files and books, not writing. It's only really possible because I am stuck in the room that is supposed to be my home office, because that is where the files are, and also because it is where the Internet is (wireless not working for some reason) so I just must.

I like to work at the dining room table because I like its height better and the location of that room better. But I never get enough done there because it's part of the rest of the house. Hmm -- this would justify buying a table. I am already justifying new blinds so the location of the room -- open to two streets -- won't be as irritating.

Andrew Shields said...

I like the dining table better than the desk in my office, too!

Partly that's because the desk was a mess for so long. But it's almost clean now.