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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


On a lark I put together a list of songs on Spotify based on Lorca. In a coupla days it had fourteen hours of material, and it's not all Flamenco. My piano teacher suggested I play some Mompou, so naturally I figured I would see if he had done any Lorca pieces (he had), and then of course I had to look for other stuff that I know about or that came up in simple searches. When I was writing my most recent research narrative I had to justify spending so much time composing music, so I said that I could write a book about Lorca's musical legacy, and that I need to study enough music theory / composition to be competent.  Then the next day I discovered that I actually could write this book. The problem will be to find some ideas that will sort out the vast amount of material into manageable form. I don't want to just have a list of compositions / songs based on Lorca's texts or a description of a few of them.

What I am looking for more is a Lorquian voice in music. What does that even mean?

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