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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Feb. Goals

My goals for Feb:

Keep walking 10,000 steps a day.  I will add 50 push-ups a day.

The key of the month with be E, with four sharps. I will play in that key every day and compose a few pieces in it.

I will learn the first Shostakovich Fugue all the way through, and two sections of Mompou's Música callada.  

I will have a strong, detailed intellectual andamiaje of the Lorca / Music book, with everything except the complete list of the actual pieces of music that will be mentioned. Main ideas of the book, main ideas of each chapter. Architecture of the book.


Leslie said...

OK, let's see. This is useful. I will do it in my way and then post that to my blog. I will think straighter if it's a non-parallel response to someone else's goals.


1. Do faculty activities report, and do it well, without freaking out.
2. Finish syllabi, Moodle; set up online gradebooks; do all grading; prepare exams.
3. Get car inspected/tires rotated; get plumber for both pipe issues.
4. Keep making it to gym and ideally, yoga.
5. Argue with, and win against Metlife.
6. Finish clearing up designated files.
7. Fill prescriptions and cut hair.
8. Successfully bring off speaker event.
9. Optional: get surge protector, sunscreen (I won't die without them, BUT).
10. VERY important: call tree trimmer.
11. Resolve cell phone issue. Very important!
12. Listen to answering machine. Important! Do not forget!

1. Make it to Houston/California and back in one piece.
2. While gone, keep up with students, grading, exams.
3. Important, but do not go into depression if it is impossible: work on that article.
3. Optional: work to clear up files, folders on computer and in Dropbox.
4. Ideally: see Teotihuacan exhibit at DeYoung and up to 3-4 friends in SF; go do something cultural in Houston as well and see up to 1-2 friends.

1. Start following usual schedule, such that research, writing, recreational reading, other recreation, and yoga fit into the week; such that I can get out of town some weekends; such that I do not fall behind on work for classes.
2. Finish article 1 and start right in on article 2.
3. Very important: exterior paint on house! Must not procrastinate or get impatient, must plan it, prepare for it, do it and do it right.
4. VERY important: follow up on tree trimmer.
5. Make it to New Orleans.

1. Blinds.
2. Carpenter for tables.
3. Garden.
[All of these are terribly distasteful to me and hard to even write down, I dislike house and yardwork so much. BUT I cannot seem to work well without beauty, so these things HAVE to be worked in somehow. If for even an hour a day I work on the garden, or work on finding someone to work on it, it will already be so much.]
4. Taxes, if I have not done these yet.
5. Keep working on article 2.
6. Make it to New Orleans, again.
7. Find to-do lists from past blog posts, elsewhere and make sure things are done.
8. Find out about university travel card.
9. See about doing all the sexual harassment and other trainings I am behind on.
10. VERY important: nail things down for April AAUP meeting!

Jonathan said...

Great. That's a to-do list, which is always helpful. Mine is more of a few simple goals that I can keep an eye on the whole month.