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Sunday, January 21, 2018

To begin a new project

To begin a new project is to realize what one already knows about it (more than you think you do), as well as well as the overwhelming challenge of needing to learn more.  I'm deciding whether to do Lorca IV before Lorca III and it's quite overwhelming and exciting to have two project that I could do with equal adeptness (I think). My solution will be to research 4 while I write 3, since I have already done a large part of 3, in terms of thinking out and even writing.  I desperately need to talk to people about this  just to hear myself think out may ideas.

This is shift in perception: what had seen ancillary, like the musical adaptations that you might play for your class as a little added spice for instruction, become now the object of serious study in their own right. I think I know some of the main ideas, and some of the interpretative frameworks I need, as well as the pitfalls that await me.  My notion will be to invest enough work here so that I have a critical mass that make it impossible for me not to do the project. Let's say I wrote out everything I knew now: that would be about 40 pages?  

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