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Monday, November 29, 2010

Create Ideal Conditions / Work in Real Conditions

Set up your work conditions to be ideal, in terms of space and time. Develop your scholarly base; have all your work materials that you need on hand when you work. Sharpen your pencils.


But don't wait until everything is ideal to start working. Work anyway, because there will always be conditions that are less than ideal in some significant respect. For me, for example, I often don't have the book I need on hand. I could be more organized, but I am not. Somehow I out-publish people who are much better organized because I don't let things like that bother me and I don't make excuses for myself.


Lexi B. said...

So very true. I've come to realize this myself, as I am often concerned with achieving some sort of superior level of organization and quiet that is admittedly unrealistic. But I am getting better at "working anyway." Despite all odds, when I'm down to the wire I can work through a hurricane out of the pressures of quickly approaching due dates. Time management is unfortunately something I've yet to master though I do quite well for myself nonetheless.

Thanks for this post! Looking forward to more!

Jonathan said...

You probably do time management better than you think. It can be a challenge even after it is "mastered."