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Sunday, February 20, 2011

500 posts

This is post #500 of SMT. This blog has been of extraordinary benefit for my scholarly productivity, and possibly has helped yours along too. That's the idea.

The article I am writing now will the best I've ever done. I just spent two hours on it this morning and I feel the ideas taking shape. I was a little frustrated because I had to spend a few days just reading hundred of pages. I much prefer writing. This work, however, has paid off, because I wouldn't have been able to write without this research.


Clarissa said...


I thought the article I was writing right now would be the best I've ever written. But now that I'm almost done, it doesn't seem that way. The language is kind of stilted and constipated.

Maybe I should stop trying to publish in English. :-(

Jonathan said...


You could revise the style to make it less so. Obviously your blog in English shows you have an excellent command of non-constipated English, so maybe you feel you have to write in style that is too stiff just to be academic enough?

Or go back to Spanish where you have a more comfortable authorial voice.