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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Take That Back

My article "Was Lorca a Poetic Thinker?" (published in Romance Quarterly, arrived in the mail today, so I guess that is technically the first one I've written that deliberately avoids over-deliberate signposting. It's nice that I have three articles (so far) appearing in 2011, so that my cv doesn't look pathetic for the calendar year. There should be a fourth one too in December.

I'm happy to publish in Romance Quarterly.. It is a venerable journal in my field and I like having published in as many good journals as possible. It's kind of a game I play with myself.


Clarissa said...

And now I feel completely horrible for submitting my article there last week.

I think beginning academics would be well-served to have a professional reassurer (a person who'd reassure us that we don't completely suck every now and then) available to us on every campus. :-)

Jonathan said...

Why, what's the problem? It's a good journal and the article you submitted will have a good chance there.

Clarissa said...

It's very flattering that you feel like my article is worthy of that journal but I don't think that I'm nearly on your level yet.

Thank you anyways, Jonathan! Would you like to be my professional reassurer? (Kidding.) :-)

Jonathan said...

My role is to tell the truth, whether it happens to be reassuring or not.