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Friday, November 11, 2011

Outline for Writing Workshop

This is what we decided to do for the writing workshop. My colleague and good friend Jorge are doing this together.

Writing workshop for 11/11/11

I. Time management, writing every day, etc... (JM)

II. Strategies for managing a larger project, working with advisor. (Jorge)

III. The structure of the dissertation chapter and article. Avoiding the data dump (JM)

IV. Model articles. JM and Jorge.

V. Getting publications out of the dissertation. How to publish articles (JM & Jorge).

VI. Some academic writing blogs: Get a Life PhD, Writing as a Second Language, Constructing the Academy, Stupid Motivational Tricks (JM).



Thomas said...

How many hours are you going to spend with them?

Jonathan said...

It was an hour and a half. Obviously too short a time, but it at least gave them access to those four blogs.

Thomas said...

I'm learning to make the argument in everything 45 minutes to a whole day. The subject is infinite, as ever, but we have only finite means to give it presence.

Clarissa said...

I've been a little absent from blogging for a while. So I have question. Do you offer these workshops to outside faculty? I'd love to attend one. And it would be very close geographically.

It would be great if we could invite you to speak at our campus but the funding is still frozen at this point.

So if you are giving a writing workshop anywhere in the US, please inform me (and everybody) through this blog. I'd really love to attend.

Jonathan said...

It's for the grad students, fundamentally.

If you want me to come give a talk gratis in Edwardsville, maybe that could perhaps be arranged during Fall of 2012. Money is not important if I can drive there from my house in less than an hour. I could waive my usual honorarium for a fellow blogger.

Clarissa said...

Really?? That's so nice of you. It would be absolutely lovely. But I get to sit in the first row!! :-) :-)