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Friday, June 15, 2012


One significant part of my scholarly base is a group of people with whom I meet most Thursdays for drinks. It includes some very eminent people, such that I am not by any stretch the most distinguished. It is more social than intellectual, but it is a group with which I can be myself and talk about my research if I want to.

One guy from that group organized a reading group for the summer, in which we are reading Zukofsky's A. I haven't made it to the group yet, but I am going on Monday. Yes, we read difficult modernist poetry for fun over the summer.

Another group that meets on Friday has a slightly different cast to it, with an even larger and more diverse cast of characters (though with some overlap). In both groups there are writers, poets, artists, academics from KU as well as "townies."

You can google the title of this post to see what it refers to. Basically, I need to feel surrounded by other intelligent people as much as humanly possible. Once again, what is not work, per se, but keeps me connected to the sources of my work, is essential.

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