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Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Open Secrets

Some points emerged from yesterday's seminar.

One woman asked me a common question. I will paraphrase: I work for an hour just to get into my project. Then I have to stop fairly soon after that. I never have those eight hours of writing to look forward to. My response was to think of the second hour on a second day as the time when she could get further into the project. With every successive day of writing, the warm up time gets shorter. The first hour of the eighth day will be more productive than the 8th hour of the first day.

People were also really taken with the notion that you should schedule research time during the work week. That came as a new idea, a revelation, to several people in the audience.


Anonymous said...

Well, just today I was speaking with a rather successful colleague who does not believe in organization. I do not know what to make of this, she must have a method.

Anonymous said...

And so, why do you think people think research should not be done during the week? It was during college and graduate school, and you could see professors doing research during the week then, as well. Why does this memory fade once people become faculty themselves?