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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Viva Voce

I find lately that I want to read everything aloud. Silent reading is really not pleasant for me. It feels like skimming a text in search of information. I want that language in my mouth, and to hear it lliterally in my ears.


It would really help language learners to read everything they are studying out loud. Then you are making sense of the text, forcing yourself to give emphasis to the right syllables and words. Make a checklist: in spanish p, t, and c must not have a burst of air; e and o must not have dipthongal glides. Intervocalic s is never voiced. There is no difference between b and v. Eliminating those pronunciations would make the average student twice as good. I still record myself and critique my own phonetics in Spanish.

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Professor Zero said...

Yes, I believe in reading aloud.

I can read 1.5 words per second without sounding rushed and present still better if I only try to read 1.