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Friday, June 13, 2014


I feel I have the smarts today. I have been working pretty well since school let out, and it's taken about a month to regain the full measure of my intellectual capacity.

I say this simply because this would be a good time for you to suggest something to me or ask me a question. I'm no manic-depressive, but I am definitely manic today. I am manic enough to feel brilliant, which is obviously immodest of me.

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Axldemic said...

Thanks for the reminder about the importance (or even just occurrence) of a "brain break" between the end of the semester and now. I've been fairly productive, but I never meet my own expectations. I feel that I, too, am right at the beginning of a whole new spurt of interesting work. (Being awake enough to write serious thoughts early on a Saturday morning is a relatively rare occurrence, so I'm starting off!)