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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


At the next ACLA we are doing a Lorca seminar with the following people. Needless to say we are going to kick some serious ass here:

Andrew A. Anderson, Professor of Spanish, University of Virginia

Gabriela Basterra, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Spanish and Portuguese, New York University

Silvia Bermúdez, Professor of Spanish, University of California - Santa Barbara

Melissa Dinverno, Associate Professor of Spanish, Indiana University - Bloomington

Candelas Gala, Charles E. Taylor Professor of Romance Languages, Wake Forest University

Anthony Geist, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese (Chair) and Comparative Literature, University of Washington (Seattle)

Travis Landry, Associate Professor of Spanish, Kenyon College

Jonathan Mayhew, Professor Spanish, University of Kansas

Roberta Quance, Senior Lecturer in Spanish, School of Modern Languages, Queen’s University Belfast

Evelyn Scaramella, Assistant Professor of Spanish, MLL, Manhattan College

Harry Vélez-Quiñones, Distinguished Professor of Hispanic Studies (Chair), Puget Sound University


Anonymous said...

Evelyn Scaramella is from my cohort at Yale. :-) We had the same thesis advisor and all. It's so great she will be there! I'm guessing after a while every name on such a list will be of somebody I know. :-)

Leslie B. said...

And so this will be a book, right?

Jonathan said...

That's the only person I don't know of these, aside from the organizer, Travis.

I don't know if it will be book or not. It could be.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn is a beginning Lorca specialist. It's good to know that the field is flourishing.